Lajin Workshop Video Recordings (2/24/2019 ~ 3/3/2019)

13 students

If you suffer from chronic pain on your knees, neck, lower back, shoulder, then this workshop recording is right for you.  Lajin or stretching is most effective in elongating your tight tendon and loosening your joints.  Lajin will make your pain go away, walk without a cane, and eliminate back pain.

Especially if you are about to replace your knee or hip, then please learn Lajin and try Lajin before you are under the knife.  There are hundreds of healed cases already. Just Google it.

These 2-week sessions, each over 90 minutes long, were recorded on Sunday, February 24 and March 3, 2019. Participants  learned Lajin theory and various Lajin methods with live coach online. Some of the topics that were covered during the workshop include:

  • How do I detect Jin-Suo (tendon contraction)?
  • What are the symptoms or diseases caused by Jin-Suo?
  • How do I practice Lajin with limited resource at home?
  • Will Lajin cause damages to tendon or muscles?
  • Is Lajin suitable for me if I have severe bone loss, or hunched?
  • How does Lajin differ from Yoga, traction, dance leg pressing, splits and other stretching exercises? and so on.

Course Preview – PPT Slideshows


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